My name is Leandro Agro' and I am an awarded IxD/UX Director, IoT Guru, patents contributor, with 15+ years of design and team leadership. I work as: Digital Product Director @Design Group Italia. Customers list includes: PepsiCo, 3M, ABB, Unilever… “Design isn't just about shapes or pixels anymore. Design is the process that shapes product behaviors, communities, companies and -in the end- builds new worlds” Side activities: FrontiersX | SrLabs | JoinPad |

Together with the mobile guru Giuseppe Taibi, yesterday we saw GITA -the new Piaggio’s robot- live at the premiere in Boston, MA. It was a great pleasure to meet my friend Jeffrey Schnapp (PFF, Ceo) and see what a great team he created around PFF. I think…

Forget Autonomous drive, welcome to… granular mobility! :)


Steve Jobs’s biological father, Abdulfattah “John” Jandali (b. 1931), was born into a Muslim household and grew up in Homs, Syria.  He  pursued a PhD at the University of Wisconsin.Joanne Carole Schieble (SJ biological mother) became pregnant in 1954 when she and Jandali spent the…

Her father was a tyrant

I just finished my first solo book, titled INTERNET of HUMANS. It will be published in Italian by Egea Editore, in collaboration with TAG Innovation School. Stay Tuned. other books where I contributed: – Digital Entrepreneur; Ed. Franco Angeli (2016) – Digital Media and Human…

My first solo book…

Designing for… The Smart Object Age surpassed ONE MILLION of users and a half million Selfies social. (Yeah!)

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We live on the edge between Cloud Computing and IoT era. In this stage of technology evolution, to be connected it’s a Darwinian issue for a product: the key element to live long and prosper.


Placing an object in the pocket, inside the car, over the desktop or at customers’ home, means to build a personal, bi-directional, always on, communication channel.


An incredible team ( I mean) realised a great GOAL: Half million social selfies and this huge success story with Juve (at the Stadium).
I am particularly happy and proud about it because… Social Selfie is patent (pending) that I conceived during my holidays in Sicily, between an Arancino and some ricotta cheese sweets.

To be connected is the “natural state of mind” for any object


In the book “Where Nokia Went Wrong” written by James Surowiecki (2013), there is a paragraph that weighs a ton: “In the end, the company profoundly underestimated the importance of software, including the apps that run on smartphones, to the experience of using a phone.…

SW failure…

TRUST has a huge role for the Smart objects design. In fact, these devices are often intelligent enough to shift the interaction from a classic UX/UI into a relational model.
Aesthetic of trust -field where I am working since 2010- and Motivational Design (2009), represents key competences to face the challenge of Smart Devices Era.

Connected objects are Natural Born Storytellers -and- meaningful stories might be created with the right combination of automatic contributions coming from objects’ sensors with “low resistance” / commons habits from humans. About OBJECTS… Some of these objects below are made of materials that transmit us…

Connected Objects are natural born storyteller