Stealth mode ON

I can’t say nothing, but we are super-satisfied by the opportunities emerged during this Californian trip.  Here are all the non-business related highlights from the (some of the) places where I went: Apple (best in-store AR/VR and venue), Logitech (best Art exposition), Cyngn (best meeting room name and best coffee), Twitter (best bar), ABB (best anergy), Samsung (best robot lost in the parking lot).

IMG_6813.jpgIMG_6823.jpgIMG_6812.jpgIMG_6809.jpgScreen Shot 2018-01-30 at 09.04.53.pngIMG_6800.jpg1f53e728-2356-40d1-a8ab-43d42cff6e1e.jpgIMG_6777.jpgIMG_6803.jpg