IoT Designer. Welcome to my second book. (this time published with Franco Angeli)

img_9129Thank to Franco Angeli crew, I did it (again).

Here is my second book.
This time I wrote about the Internet of Things and the profession of designer of connected objects.

Included in this book you will find:

  • True Stories about IoT projects, collected during last years
  • Canvases, list of advices, examples from the real world
  • Startups stories from Trillio, D-Heart, MEG
  • Contributions by six guest authors from  Jibo/Google, Ogilvy, Generali, Sas, Eurotech, Yoroi,
  • Endorsement from David Orban (SingularityUniversity), David Rose (MIT), Cristina Conti (Sas)

You might find both my books on Amazon.


The book on stage for the first time.screen-shot-2018-06-10-at-12-22-57