AR/VR Workshop at Design Group Italia with JoinPad and many friends, including Mauro Rubin, Federico Livio Rivera, Max Ramaciotti, Babele Dunnit, Alberto Sarullo, Edgardo Angelini, Roberto Ostinelli.

My first talk @NABA:  "New Academy of Fine Arts"….about 35/40 people from all over the planet (I presume 4/6 Italians). Topics: Eye-Tracking, Virtual Assistants + AR/VR, Internet of Things.

For the second time, I was the opening speaker @WARNER BROS. DAY. My speech was titled “The Consumerization of Universe” sub: “Smart objects are natural born storytellers”.

Programma 101, the very first PERSONAL COMPUTER ever: The Programma 101, also known as Perottina, was the first commercial “desktop computer”.[1][2] Produced by Italian manufacturer Olivetti, based in Piedmont, and … Continue reading